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    Emergency Measures for Wet Devices

    Emergency Measures for Wet Devices

    If you’re viewing this page, chances are you (or someone you know) has a soaked electronic device.  Maybe you dropped your iPhone in the toilet while texting, or were pushed into a swimming pool unexpectedly with your Samsung Galaxy, or your Bluetooth device fell into the sink while washing the dishes… or maybe your camera had a date with a puddle. Whatever the reason, the device is now soaked and you’re in crisis mode.  Your best option right now is to use one of Wet Phone Fix's many Drying Solutions.

    If you don’t have one, that’s alright.   We’ll help you minimize the damage to your device anyway. 

    Still, we recommend purchasing at least one of these bags just in case, so that if there ever is a next time, you will have the best option available in minutes. Having these bags is essential and could save you lots of money in repair or replacement.  So if you or someone you know seems to have the worst luck in the world, or is just accident-prone in general, these affordable bags could be life savers.  (They also make great gift ideas!  Stocking stuffers, anyone?)

    So what are you supposed to do if you don’t have a Wet Device Drying Solution? We at Wet Phone Fix have got your back.  Just know ahead of time that these are imperfect solutions and have the potential to cause further harm.

    However, not using these solutions could result in a permanently dead device and lost data.

    It’s your decision to use some or all of these solutions.  We’re just trying to help, so please, use discretion! 

    Step 1:  Remove the device from the water.

    Safety advisory: Most handheld devices don’t conduct enough electricity to electrocute you while submerged in water, but if you’re picking up something that needs to be plugged into a wall to work, like a hair dryer, don’t risk your safety for the device.  A quick and safe solution to this is to unplug the device from the wall, then use something made of a non-conductive material (such as a wooden spoon) to fish the device out of the water.

    Step 2:  Remove the battery if you can, as well as the SIM card, if you have one.  Place the SIM card on a paper towel to let it dry out.  Also remove anything connected to the device, such as headphones or a charger.

    Step 3:  Gently pat down the surfaces and battery of the device with a paper towel. 

    Don’t shake the device to try to force the rest of the water out.  This could cause water to spread to unaffected areas, causing more damage than if you had left it alone.

    Don’t use a hair dryer to dry your device.  While the hot air can certainly cause the water to evaporate, the force of the air could push the water into unaffected areas.

    Step 4:  Prop up the device on a paper towel in such a way that any trapped water can drain out through the seams of the device.  Let it do this for at least a half hour, rotating it every now and then. 

    If you’re a technical person and you have the tools and experience, you could take apart the device and drain the phone that way, then allow each part to dry in the exposed air.  Only do this if you know what you’re doing, as a wrong move could cause irreparable damage to your device.  Be wary of excess dust in the air if you go this route, as any dust trapped inside the device could cause damage later on.

    Step 5:  You have a few options here

    Option A:  Fill a bowl big enough to hold your device with uncooked rice. 

    Uncooked rice is hydrophilic, meaning water is attracted to it, so moisture inside the device will be absorbed rice.  This is why you might find uncooked rice in salt shakers - it absorbs the moisture before the salt does, reducing clumps!

    You might also add used silica gel packets to the bowl of rice. You can generally find these in the pockets of new clothing, shoe boxes, or in bottles of vitamin supplements. 

    Note:  The silica gel packets you find in clothing items and whatnot are usually spent, since their main function is to protect the item during shipping.  Wet Phone Fix Solutions use fresh silica gel, which is much more hydrophilic than uncooked rice or spent silica gel packets, making it the superior option by far.  But in a pinch, you do what you need to do; adding spent silica gel packets certainly can’t hurt, and maybe you’ll get lucky!

    Option B:  Allow the device to sit in a warm (not hot) place. 

    For instance, you could place your device on a window sill, screen facing down.  Note that this isn’t the optimal solution though, since excess sunlight and heat can actually damage electronic devices - especially screens.  You want to find the right balance of heat, so if it’s a hot summer’s day, or your window sill is black, take caution your device doesn’t get too hot (or melt!).  You could place the device on a window sill that doesn’t sit directly in the sun, but remember that what isn’t directly in the sun right now might be directly in the sun later.  Also, if the surface below the device tends to get hot after prolonged exposure to sunlight, like black stone or leather, it might not be a good idea to have the device face down.

    If you have access to a heating lamp, you might try that.  Just don’t put the device too close to the heating element and do be sure to take it out every few minutes so it doesn’t overheat. 

    Don’t subject the battery or SIM card to heat.  Let these drain, or put them in a bowl of rice/silica gel packets.

    Option C:  Do a combination of options A and B.

    For instance, you might want to put the bowl of rice on a window sill with your device inside.  Or you might try to dry out the device as much as possible, then try the rice bowl.  It’s your choice!

    Step 6:  Wait 2-3 days before trying to power on your device.

    It will be tempting to try turning it on later on in the day after it’s been sitting for a while, but don’t do it!  If there is water on the circuitry, any electrical current could short circuit the device and cause irreparable damage!  We know it can be frustrating these days to go without a phone or .mp3 device, but this is something you do not want to rush.  Sure, you may get lucky and the phone turns on after only a few hours, but there may still be water left in the device, so if you tilt it the wrong way, you might wind up damaging it!

    Step 7:  Reassemble the device (if you disassembled it) and power it on.  If you were very lucky and very careful, you’ve salvaged your device and no data or functions were lost.  If luck wasn’t on your side, regardless of how careful you were, you now have a damaged device.  Hopefully this isn’t the case, but you can find some meager consolation in that there is a slightly less dark side to all of this:  You know to be prepared next time. 

    Have one of our Wet Phone Fix Solutions on hand in case of an emergency.  Compared to a destroyed device, the small cost for a few bags now could save you great costs later.  Keep one in your backpack or your purse, in a desk drawer, in your car - anywhere you can get to it quickly.  Saving a wet device is heavily reliant on how fast you move to remedy the problem.

    You never plan on having a soaked device, but accidents happen - even to the careful.

    Note: If your device was submerged in salt water or a sugary drink, you might need to take more advanced steps to remedy your phone.  Salt and sugar crystallize on the circuits after evaporation, causing corrosion and eventual lack of function.  Even after using most Wet Phone Fix Solutions, fixing your device might involve taking apart the device and using denatured alcohol to gently rub down the parts inside.  Due to the complex nature of this procedure, we neither advocate nor offer any guides on the subject at this time.



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