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    What can you do to Fix a Wet Phone?

    What can you do to Fix a Wet Phone?

    Accidentally getting a phone wet is probably one of the most annoying problems encountered by the mobile phone user. Mobile phones often become wet for a variety of reasons including prolonged exposure to rain, steam or even dropping the device down the toilet.

    Although they might seem like they are beyond repair but there are things that you can do to fix a wet phone if you have the right equipment.

    Here is a list of simple tactics to employ when fixing a wet phone.


    Avoid movement


    Moving the phone around after it has become wet may cause any water inside the phone to spread to other component parts and runs the risk of damaging them. You should reduce any movement such as shaking (even if you think this might get the water out).


    Remove battery and SIM


    If the phone is not powered up leave it that way as turning it on may cause the wet electronics to ‘short circuit’ thus making the problem worse. Whether or not the phone is active it is advisable to remove the battery and SIM.


    Removing the battery and SIM card will not only decrease the likelihood of a ‘short circuit’ but will also allow better contact with the drying mechanism. Removing these parts will also enable any drying agents that the phone comes into contact with to operate more effectively.


    What kind of water?


    Another aspect to consider is the type of water that the phone has come into contact with. If the wet electronics have been in contact with salty water (sea water) then it may be necessary to rinse the phone in fresh water to remove the salt. Salt is corrosive and if left in contact with the metal components in the phone may cause corrosion. Rinsing with fresh water is probably the most effective way to remove the salt so do this before taking steps to dry the phone.


    Remove excess water


    To begin the drying process, remove any excess water from the phone using a dry, absorbent material. Avoid using particularly weak kitchen towel or toilet paper because you run the risk of leaving micro-fibres in the phone that may cause further problems.


    To thoroughly dry the phone


    Place the device in a box or jar of some kind that is filled with a drying agent. People have successfully used dry rice to help draw the moisture from phones. If using rice place a layer of rice inside your chosen container followed by the phone and another layer of rice to cover it. Place an air tight lid on top and leave the device somewhere warm for 1-2 days. An airing cupboard would be ideal.


    Alternatively silica gel sachets make a good alternative to rice. These are designed explicitly to draw moisture from their surrounding environment in order to keep goods dry. Folow the instructions for using rice using these sachets instead.


    Restarting the phone


    After 1-2 days are up you can insert the battery and SIM again and switch the phone on. If by this time it is still not working you can put it back in the jar or box and return it to the warm place for further drying. In many cases you may notice condensation on the screen of the phone as a sign that further drying needs to take place.


    Sending a wet phone back?


    In many cases if your phone has become wet to the point where it is considered ‘water damaged’ the warranty will be considered void. Each phone normally contains what is known as a ‘damage indicator’ in the form of a colour changing sticker attached to the battery. The manufacturer can easily determine if the phone has been exposed to water by assessing this indicator. It may be worth checking with your phone company whether water damage is covered by any insurance policy taken out with the phone.


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