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    Wet Phone Fix Laptop Repair Kit

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    Sales price: £19.95
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    Whether you've dropped your new laptop in a puddle or left it out in the rain, never fear as Wet Phone Fix has the most powerful solution at the lowest price!...
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    Restore your Device with Wet Phone Fix Solutions!

    Whether you've dropped your new laptop in a puddle or left it out in the rain you can count on Wet Phone Fix to provide the cheapest and yet most effective solution! Many of our competitors sell a similar product with less absortent, non-reusable silica gel but with Wet Phone Fix you can rest assured that all of our products can be used time and time again. All you have to do is leave the non-toxic Orange to Clear silica gel in a dry place and it will change colour back to orange to show it is now re-usable. Wet Phone Fix products are great at drawing the moisture out of your wet electronic devices at a much higher efficiency than all home recipes and thanks to our no-frills design we can offer you a great product at a low low price!

    Our Laptop Wet Phone Fix Solution is geared towards any electrical device which is roughly the size of a large laptop or smaller, this includes MP3 players, GPS units, Cameras, Camcorders, CB Radios, Tablets, Spotting Scopes, PC Headsets, Hearing Aids, Key Fobs, Watches etc etc. and within 24 - 48 hours all of the moisture will be drawn out of whatever electrical device you hope to restore. It is quite important that the electrical device is not left wet for a long period of time and so time is of the essence when it comes to saving an electrical device. Therefore it is always recommended to have some solution handy in order to protect your investments.

    Wet Phone Fix Laptop Repair Kit Specifications:

    WetPhoneFix Molecular Beads - Re-usable non-toxic silica gel: 100 grams
    High Tensile / Oxygen Barrier Mylar Bag Dimensions: 48cm x 74cm
    This Mylar Bag is Heat Sealable!

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