Mach Speed Yikes! Phone and Tablet Rescue

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Sales price: £21.95
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Yikes! Phone & Tablet Rescue is a safe, economical way to dry out water-exposed electronics after accidental water damage. Helps revive Phones, tablets, watches, gaming devices, hearing aids, MP3 players from water exposure...
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Now there is an effective and inexpensive way to help save cell phones - or other electronics - that unexpectedly go skinny dipping. Simply tear open the Yikes! bag below the seal. Remove any/all case, batteries, SIM cards and memory cards from device and put inside bag.

Phones that suffer light exposure to water should be left in the bag for 12 hours. If fully submerged, leave it in the bag for 24 hours. For ultimate drying, leave it for 48 hours. After the appropriate drying time, remove the phone from the bag, replace the battery and card(s) and charge the phone. Chances are your phone will be as good as new.

As the name implies, Yikes! Phone & Tablet Rescue works equally well on tablets, as well as iPods, gaming devices, cameras, hearing aids, wrist watches and other electronics. Yikes! Rescue is most effective on devices that have been under water for 60 seconds or less. Every day thousands of cell-phone owners inadvertently expose their phones to damaging water from swimming pools, sinks, water hoses and toilets.

Yikes! offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. Read more at!

Yikes! Phone & Tablet Rescue contains two sealable plastic bags and thousands of tiny Magic Blue Beads of extra-strength silica gel desiccant, a product that pulls humidity out of the environment. To revive a phone exposed to water, simply remove the phone's battery, SIM Card (if applicable) and external memory card and set them aside. Put the phone (only) into the phone-size Yikes! Phone & Tablet Rescue bag with the Magic Blue Beads and seal it securely. The second bag is sized for larger electronic products.

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